Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Columbus, Picasso, Marinette, WI and WikiLeaks

NOVEMBER 30, 2010

The WikiLeaks information has caused a firestorm within our government. All official responses have been to condemn WikiLeakjs, completely ignoring the fact this information exists, ignoring the fact we do the things the leak exposes and not mentioning that someone in our government is the real traitor in this situation. I particularly like the following quote:

U.S. officials have angrily condemned the release by WikiLeaks of hundreds of confidential diplomatic messages, with the White House calling the whistle-blowing site's online disclosure of leaked government cables "reckless and dangerous" actions that "put at risk our diplomats, intelligence professionals and people around the world who come to the United States for assistance in promoting democracy and open government."
Republican Rep. Peter King, the ranking GOP member on the House Homeland Security Committee, urged the State Department to designate WikiLeaks a "foreign terrorist organization," saying in a statement that it "posed a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States." And Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, dismissed WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange's claim to be acting in the public interest, calling the release a "reckless action which jeopardizes lives.

Wikileaks is putting at risk “our diplomats, intelligence professionals and people around the world who come to the United States for assistance in promoting democracy and open government.” NOW HOW ARE WE PROMOTING OPEN GOVERNMENT WHEN WE HAVE MILLIONS OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS? That does not appear to be “open government” to me.

Gadaffi or Gaddafi, it is spelled many different ways, has a 38 year old voluptuous blonde nurse who must travel with him, presumptively for medical reasons. Hard to complain about that what gaddafi does since the United States killed his wife during an air raid under Reagan Administration.

In the middle seventies, my family owned a resort in Marinette, WI for less than two days as part of a real estate transaction. The resort was on Green Bay, on the border with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Yesterday afternoon, around 3:00 p.m., an armed student took 23 other students and a teacher hostage at the local high school, which has an annual enrollment of 800 students. in the town of around 12,000 people. Police were called and with the help of the teacher being held hostage and perhaps with the hostage takers parents’ help, the student was talked out of the situation and everyone was released unharmed, except the hostage taker who was taken into custody. No shots were fired. Nice ending.

A new book claims Christopher Columbus was from Genoa or Italy but was the son of an exiled Polish King, who lied about who he was to prevent the facts from being an impediment to his goals. This seems like the type of claim a historian can make and never be proved wrong. Of course, he cannot conclusively prove he is correct, either. Personally, I don’t care but somebody does.
271 paintings, sketches and other works of art by Pablo Picasso were recently discovered in the garage of a home occupied by a 71 year old man. French police arrested the 71-year-old when they discovered the cache of sketches and paintings worth £50m at his Riviera home.
Mr Le Guennec claims that he was given the collection by the artist when he worked for him doing odd-jobs over the years. The children of Picasso think the art was stolen by Mr. Le Guennec. Part of the reason art becomes valuable is because it is limited in number. This will surely adversely affect value of the Picasso art known to exist. Adding 171 unknown pieces to the collection can only dilute the pool of artwork, thereby reducing its value. If I had a large Picasso collection and the money, I would buy the newly discovered art and destroy it, thereby maintaining the value of the remaining art.
My father told me once that if you ever had one of two things that exist in the world, buy the other one and publicly destroy it. The value of the newly created one-of-a-kind you now own would be worth more than the two combined. I have never been in a position to test this theory but I would like to be.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Neilsen, now he was funny.

Decision Points
NOVEMBER 29, 2010

It is Monday morning. Today, we kind of get back to normal. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I sure did, seeing a bunch of relatives and friends and breaking bread with them while watching the plethora of football games on the TV. Next holiday up for celebration is Christmas, although Hannakah and Kwanzaa are in there somewhere. I do not celebrate either so I don’t follow them. I usually read about them when the celebration time is upon us but that is the extent of my involvement.

The week is starting on a sad note. Leslie Neilsen has died. He apparently went to sleep for one last time and never woke-up. Now he was a funny guy. Wrapping up the Hollywood portion of our show, Cameron Diaz, she is an actress, and Alex Rodriguez, he is a baseball player are dating, again. I did not know they ever dated a first time but then I rarely get a vote in these sort of things.

From yesterday, to clear up confusion, muhammud was a prophet of the Muslim faith, Allah is their god. They can both go to hell as far as I am concerned. Neither seems to be omnipotent or they would end the carnage their religion and their followers cause.

WikiLeaks is about to release more United States secrets we can’t keep secret. The government’s response is to threaten WikiLeaks with all kinds of criminal action and civil sanctions. One problem is, WikiLeaks is not an American company and does not have American offices. WikiLeaks is from Solna, Sweden or Iceland. No one is entirely sure.  If the governments of these two nations won’t shut WikiLeaks down and we are that concerned about it, end all commercial and diplomatic relations with these countries or shut WikiLeaks down ourselves, if we are capable of doing that. We probably are not or we would have done it already.

They are not breaking any American laws. As has become obvious in the last twenty years, we do not control the world anymore. Our wishes are routinely ignored by countries that would not exist if it weren’t for the sacrifices of the Unite States in WWI and WWII and after.

Doesn’t this appear to be a case of shooting the messenger? Why don’t we find the traitor in our government leaking the material to WikiLeaks and punish that person. The leaker is the bad guy not the person that repeats the non-secret. Better yet, why don’t we buy WikiLeaks and have them work for us? They are obviously better at finding leaks than we are.

Why do we have hundreds of thousands of pages of classified material anyway? That seems like a waste, especially since we can’t keep the classified material secret. Declassify the material making WikiLeaks a non issue. Most of the material being released can be discovered by a twelve year old with a computer and a little training. The last time this happened, several months ago, it was going to be the end of the world as we knew it. That didn’t seem to happen. The solution; hire competent people and WikiLeaks seem to be the best alternative.

The mosque attended by the teenage terrorist wannabee in Oregon was set ablaze Sunday in what authorities feel is a backlash from a citizen or citizens seeking revenge on Muslims for the attempted attack on a Christian ceremony Friday night. Now there is some crack police work. I hope the entire Muslim world hears about the events in Portland. Americans are more than tired of this Muslim revolt and I think the rest of the world is sick of it also. Payback can be hard to swallow but it is coming. Even if a Muslim organization has access to a nuclear device, they do not have a delivery system available to them. Strapping a nuke to some suicide bomber nut will not accomplish much except to rid the world of some excess Muslims.

With that thought, I will say good –bye for now. I think I made enough people mad for one day.
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annakah and Quwntset are in there somewhere. I do not I

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's be an isolationist nation for a change; it couldn't hurt.

NOVEMBER 28, 2010

Did I just hear NIU score again? No…No…it was Wisconsin beating up on Northwestern some more. The difference between NIU and Wisconsin running up the score was Wisconsin is looking to get into a BCS Bowl game, NIU is not. Additionally, Wisconsin was at home, playing in front of their fans, not embarrassing Northwestern at home.

A teenager from Somalia tried to explode a bomb in Portland, Oregon at a traditional tree lighting ceremony. The event is an annual event in downtown Portland was well attended, especially by families with small children. 19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested by Federal authorities as he dialed a cell phone number that he thought would detonate the bomb, killing or injuring scores of people of all ages.

The mass murderer wannabe had been seeking help in carrying out his plan for months. He came to the attention of the Federal Agents in June and they had been tracking him ever since. The bomb he attempted to detonate was a van full of explosives that was actually a fake planted by the Federal Agents. As he was arrested, this criminal moron yelled "Allahu Akbar!" -- Arabic for "God is Great!" Boy was he wrong.

The Federal authorities said Mohamud worked alone and was not part of a terrorist organization. How long are we going to be told this same story? These guys don’t work alone. What happens when one of these terrorists outsmarts the authorities and actually implements his or her plan with the help of the Federal Agents.

During interviews, the terrorist said he knew many children would die or be injured and that was his plan. Timothy McVeigh called them “collateral damage” I hope this slug goes the way of McVeigh and is executed. Please do the execution in my name if the faint at heart do not want the government killing in their name. Kill them all in my name, no problem.

Yesterday I suggested our borders be closed to everyone not born in this country. Had that been the law earlier, this guy, Mohamud, would have never been in this country and this near tragedy would never have been in the news.

Something has to be done, now. Think of the hatred and holiday memories hundreds of children would be living with had this near-human been successful. This will not be the last such story we hear about this Christmas Season. If one is successful, I hope the terrorist takes the god muhammad with him, straight to hell.

Eastland Mall, east of Detroit, was the scene of a violent gun battle between rival gangs Saturday afternoon the day after Black Friday shoppers tried to save money, enjoy the holidays and get away from the sickening reality of urban gangs. A thirty year-old clothing store worker was shot as was an eighteen year-old gang member. Good luck to the clothing store worker.

The mall has over 100 stores and restaurants. It was closed while police investigated the earlier insanity. Although I clearly do not condone this type of behavior, our society has bred these criminals. We did not breed the foreigners who kill for the sake of killing. The urban gangs are usually trying to protect their turf. It is not a valid or intelligent excuse for the rampant bloodshed, it is usually the gangs killing each other. If they could figure out how to do that and not harm any innocent bystanders, go ahead, kill yourselves. The foreign terrorists, usually Muslim, merely want to kill out of jealousy or hatred. Neither type of criminal deserves to live but if forced to take one over the other, see you later terrorist.

Tomorrow, things get back to normal for a few weeks. Now, of course, the Christmas parties begin, people are out of the office more often and people who shop once a year are in the stores cluttering up the place.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

NIU Football. Willie Nelson and pot.

NOVENBER 27, 2010

Glenn, a good friend and trusted reader sent me an article on http://www.factcheck.org/ about tough punishment handed out to dishonest or lying politicians in Great Britain. In this particular case, the lying politician was booted out of parliament for lying about his opponent being sympathetic to Muslims. He cannot run for office for three years. If they did that here, we would get better politicians and fewer Muslim sympathizers or any unpopular cause backers if what was being said about them was and  had  to be true. Of course, some activist judge would pull the teeth from the law the first time it went against their position.

Congratulations to Coach Jerry Kill and the NIU Huskies football team. They went to Ypsilanti, MI and dominated Eastern Michigan 71 to 3 in gaining their tenth win of the season with at least one more game left. The ten wins is even more impressive when you figure in that NIU had only five home games. NIU now plays in the MAC Championship game this Friday, Dec. 3, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. in Detroit, MI. The game will be played at Ford Field, the home of the Detroit Lions of the NFL. The game will be broadcast on ESPN 2.

I hope Friday’s game does not haunt NIU in the future. The Huskies scored ten touchdowns, had 646 yards from scrimmage and 686 kickoff return yards. The NIU team had five touchdown runs of over 60 yards. I know it is hard to tell the second and third string players to not try hard. They don’t play that often and want to excel when they do play but Eastern Michigan will not forget this humiliating defeat. You don’t get beat by 68 points too often and rarer still at home, before 5,147 fans. Eastern will get the opportunity to return the favor in DeKalb some year. Don’t be surprised when they throw for a touchdown with a 40 point lead and 7 seconds left in the game. Coach Kill lived up to his name yesterday. I hope it does not change to Coach Target in the  near future.

For the second time in a month, we discovered a tunnel from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego, CA used to smuggle drugs. This tunnel was lighted, had several rooms, started in the kitchen of a  home in Tijuana and ran 2,200 feet, 7 football fields, to two warehouses in an industrial area in San Diego. The tunnel was equipped with a railcar system, making transportation of the contraband more efficient and easier. Over 20 tons of pot was also discovered in the tunnel.

How long did we know about this tunnel. This type of construction would take over a year if it were built according to the laws in America. This is not something two guys named Juan and a shovel build. It would be a noisy and dusty job to complete with plenty of debris that needed to be disposed of. This is the second tunnel we have closed in less than a month. How many more are there? Who is looking the other way? Instead of closing the next one we find, fill it with gas and blow it up. We will find the source and get rid of some bad guys along the way. Our country cannot seem to control this, Mexico does not want to control this so let’s exterminate it. My way is bound to get some body’s attention.

I bet this tunnel story got Willie Nelson’s attention. The move to designate his tour bus a pot legal zone failed again. 77 year old Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of pot again after his bus was stopped at a checkpoint in Sierra, Texas. Willie Nelson is a recreational user of pot. I do not think what he does should be a crime but it is. Until the law changes, Willie must be punished.

Willie Nelson has lead an interesting life. He often lives while ignoring some laws most of us follow. He has, however, never been violent, other than bar brawls, and has always paid the price of his crimes. He appears to hear a drum beat many of us do not hear.

I remember reading an interview of Willie years ago, before he lost one of his fortunes, when he owned a golf course around his ranch. He was asked the par of a certain hole. He responded by saying that all depends, some days it is a three but after last night, today it is an eight. I bet Willie’s blue eyes are not crying in the rain. He is just ready to get on the road again to see all his heroes, the cowboys.

Escondido, CA, police found so many explosives and enough chemicals to build more explosives that they had to suspend looking in the house to develop a game-plan to clean the place up. That cannot help property values in an already depressed real estate market. The owner, a foreign born naturalized citizen is being held on 5 million dollars bond. pentaerythritol tetranitrate, known as PETN is one of the many chemicals found in the house. It is the same chemical the suicide underwear bombers use. It is the chemical airport scanners are designed to detect.

This disgruntled foreigner is a prime example he United States of America must post a NO VACANCY sign on the Statue of Liberty until we figure this mess out. No exceptions, no hardship cases, no in progress cases, no students, NO ENTRY.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Too much football?

NOVEMBER 26, 2010

When will be the first time today you or someone your around says ,”Man, it seems like Sunday.” You will also hear some type of variation of this on Saturday and the real Sunday. The nice long weekend makes the confusion worthwhile,

The Detroit Lions stayed with the Patriots for a little over a half. Then reality reared its ugly head. The Saints vs. Cowboy’s game got exciting after the first quarter. The Saints managed to pull a win from the loosening grip of a tiring Cowboy’s team. The third game, which was added to the Thanksgiving menu several years ago out of greed, was a blowout, not worth watching and I’ll bet it wasn’t watched by many west of Indianapolis. The NFL is getting closer and closer to killing the goose laying the golden egg. Last night’s game surely was a Thanksgiving goose dead on arrival. Wait until the league expands to 18 games plus playoffs; may be as early as next season. We will all have to watch an inferior product, diluted by injuries and over expansion with teams holding back their better players until the second season. The only winner will be College Football, not the fans of professional football.

A fifteen year-old girl in England was arrested for setting an English version of the Koran on fire and posting the event on Facebook. The charge was some type of hate crime, inciting religious hatred. The law has been on the books since 2006 but no one has ever been convicted of violating the law.  When the religious zealots from the Muslim faith bomb a subway, hotel, plane, mosque, hotel, restaurant, nightclub, office building, car, bus or whatever target they pick with regularity, do you think they concern themselves with the possibility a Koran might be burned along with the dead humans? Could the English government be prosecuted for bombing runs it makes in Iraq or Afghanistan knowing full well Korans will be burned in the bombings? A similar legal tactic was threatened against the Florida Pastor who was going to burn the Korans in September. A local fire chief said he would arrest the pastor for starting a bonfire without a permit. Why do the law-abiding citizens of the world and especially those in this country have to adjust their behavior to tolerate a religion that should not be allowed to exist in its most extreme form? We should applaud this fifteen year-old, not arrest her. It is time to teach the Muslims tolerance not the Christians.

TomDeLay, have a good time in prison, if you ever go to one. He faces a potential life sentence for his political crimes in Texas. I am a strong proponent for the concept  politicians who commit crimes as part of their political existence should be dealt with harshly. This guy has been free for five years, he has been a game show contestant on Dancing With The Stars, must have been a slow year for Stars, and he has never seen the inside of a jail cell. A sentencing hearing is set to begin on Dec. 20, 2010. The Judge has a great deal of leeway on the sentencing options. One option available is probation. If I were a betting man, and I am, I would bet on probation. Boy, that’s teaching the politicians a lesson and how to get on a game show.

Notable births on this date:

1607 John Harvard England, clergyman/scholar, major benefactor to Harvard University (library & half his estate)
1912 Eric Sevareid Velva ND, newscaster (CBS Weekend News)
1922 Charles M Schulz cartoonist (Peanuts)
1924 George Segal NY, sculptor lifelike mixed-media figures (Bus Driver)
1933 Robert Goulet Lawrence MA, singer/actor (Camelot, Naked Gun 2«)
1938 Rich Little Ottawa Canada, impressionist/actor (Love on a Rooftop)
1938 Tina Turner [Anna Mae Bullock], Brownsville TX, singer (Proud Mary)
1945 John McVie rocker (Fleetwood Mac-Rumours, Tusk)
1981 Jamie Fiske liver transplant recipient

Notable deaths on this date:

1883 Sojourner Truth abolitionist, women's rights advocate, dies
1939 James Naismith Basketball inventor, dies
1970 B O Davis Sr 1st black general, dies at 93 in Chicago
1973 Albert DiSalvo Boston strangler, stabbed
1986 Scatman Crothers actor (Louie-Chico & the Man), dies at 76

Notable events on this date:

1716 1st lion exhibited in America (Boston)
1789 1st national thanksgiving
1865 Alice in Wonderland published
1896 A.A. Stagg of U Chicago creates the football huddle
1940 Nazis force 500,000 Warsaw Jews to live in walled ghetto
1949 India adopts a constitution as a British Commonwealth Republic
1950 China enters Korean conflict, sends troops across Yalu River.  Aren’t we still dealing with this mess?
1962 1st recording session under the name "Beatles"
1973 Nixon's personal sec, Rose Mary Woods, tells a federal court she accidentally caused part of 18-minute gap in a key Watergate tape. Can’t you go to hell for lying, just like stealing?
1975 Fed jury found Lynette Fromme guilty of attempted assassination
1982 Howard Cossell calls his last fight after being disgusted by the Larry Holmes-Tex Cobb mismatch
1983 Heathrow Airport, robbed of 6,800 gold bars worth $38.7 million
1991 Condoms are handed out to thousands of NY High School students
BOY that really worked. Should have just handed out a porn movie with instructions.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving.


NOVEMBER 25, 2010

I am a lucky man. I have many things to be thankful for. I sincerely hope everyone has something to be thankful for and I think we all do. As you gather with family and friends today or any time this holiday season, be sure to say a prayer of thanks for what you have, even if it isn’t much. We all have it better than someone else, somewhere. Please do not forget to say a prayer for the men and women in our military, especially the men and women In Harm’s Way.

Today I pray to God and say thank You for:

My life and
My wife
My godfather and
My daughter
My sons and
Cinnamon buns, tons and tons
Our dog Burdette and
Tom and Burt’s Corvette
My one and only sister and
This is becoming a tongue twister
My brothers and
My friends and all Godmothers
The great outdoors and wildlife
My younger days and my wild life
Joanne and Heather and
The wonderful weather
This great country and
I pray no one goes hungry
The food on my table and
The fact I am able
The ability to eat and
Today’s great treat
My Aunts and Uncles and
Gold belt buckles
My health and that of my friends and
A good time that never ends
The lottery for you winners and
Confession for us sinners
The Breeder’s Cup and
A cold Seven Up
Harold and Elaine and
Let’s not forget Mark Twain
Rich land and clean water and
The cute, playful river otter
The pheasant, ring neck and
The halls we will deck
Art and music and
We all know how to use it
A singing Frank Sinatra and
He was great with an orchestra
Funnyman Bob Hope and
Fresh smelling bar soap
The cool Dean Martin and
Fresh eggs by the carton
The Beatles and Stones
Sewing needles and their great tones
Both my nieces and nephew and
Their favorite Sunday morning pew
My sons Lucas and Ross and
Bruce Springsteen, ‘the Boss’
My beautiful daughter Hannah and
Of course, she’s the top banana
My wife Mary K. and
The song My Way
Mike and Alberta and
We hardly knew ya
Patty and Tom Stash and
A delightful and exciting anniversary bash
Andrew and Heather and
It don’t get no better
Mike, a City Manager by job and
In Iowa, they have a lot of corn on the cob
Terry and his girl Mary and
Everybody’s favorite, cranberry
Burt and Lynda and
The Flintstones, Fred and Wilma
Jan K and John P in Florida and
Happy Hanukkah
Lucas and Joanne and
Dodger, he the man
Ross and Heather and
Isn’t it nice being together?
Thanx to my friends, Curt, Kevin, Mark, Goose and Mike and
The rest of you, you know who I like
Thank you Barb and Joe and
A day off with a blanket of snow
Shawna and Jenna and
Your children and the TV antenna
Your husbands, they’re the lucky ones and
The joy you all have given me with all your puns
Dark Chocolate candy and
My favorite nephew Andy
A John Wayne movie and
Simon and Garfunkel’s “Feelin Groovy”
All my friends like Rachel and Glenn and
Throughout my life both now and then
Tom and Ryan and
A mailman and lineman
Aunts, uncles, in-laws and cousins and
Many of us have dozens
Thank you Veterans and the U. S. Military and
The use of which should not be arbitrary
Animals and cars and
Yes, even bars
The sky that is a perfect blue and
To my family and friends, I love you
America and my home and
This Thanksgiving poem
The Salvation Army singers and
Of course, the many bell ringers
The winter snow, followed by the plows and a pause and
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
I know this for sure since I saw him fly out of sight and
I heard him exclaim Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night
Groundhog Day and
Not much more to say
Thank God for your son and
Sorry boys, he’s a better one
Thank God for Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving and
Have a wonderful New Year
I hope it is fitting and
Before I forget, oh yes
I am sure he will but, May God Bless.

Bruce A. Brennan
DeKalb, IL
Copyright 2010

Have a great Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I will be thankful next year if North Korea does not exist.

NOVEMBER 24, 2010

The World does not stop because America is celebrating its bounty. It should but it doesn’t. North Korea has once again decided to play America and the World like a drum. We did not listen to Patton in the 40s or MacArthur in the 50s. We are still allowing a useless country with no significant value to the World to dictate to us. I do not necessarily think America has to play God all the time but somebody better. We have ignored this rebellious little nation for so long, it has developed a strategy to blunt the wishes, goals and desires of this country to such an extent the strategy has gained worldwide acceptance. It has been followed with success by Gaddafi, Hussein, Ortega, Castro and Chavez, to name a few.

Enough is enough. We have the military in South Korea. North Korea is not a threat to America just an expense. If they nave nuclear capabilities, not many think they do yet, China and Japan will prevent their use. Some men are born great, some become great and others have greatness thrust upon them. The leaders of North Korea fall into none of these categories. North Korea is a small, near island nation with few natural resources. This wet spot in the world is dictated over by penguin-looking people with little regard for their citizens or the World. We shouldn’t care either.

A quick, surgical strike at the power bases, the dikes and the ports will relegate North Korea to a footnote in history within three years with little additional expense over what we now spend in that part of the World to be a patsy. More than 55 years after the Korean War ended without a peace treaty and we are still placating these savages. Who is the fool in this story?

Now, on to what late November is all about in The United States of America.

I am thankful for many things. I love many people, places and things. Here are a few of those people, places and things I love and am thankful for.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time to be thankful, generous, friendly, gluttonous, happy and proud. Football, College and the Pros, kicks into high gear. College Basketball really gets going with all the Holiday Tournaments, High School Basketball Tournaments are being played and the High School Football playoff finals will be played this weekend. Hunting seasons are running or soon will be. The weather is falling from autumn to winter. The leaves of bright colors and hues are fertilizing the ground leaving the trees naked in the cold.

Christmas music should start now, not weeks ago like it has, slowly creeping into our daily sounds. Christmas sales and Black Friday are upon us. Christmas parties bring friends and co-workers together, creating next year’s rumors and dalliances and good-natured jokes, as well as faded memories. Family gatherings bringing into your presence relatives and friends you don’t see enough and those you see too often.

The hassle of Christmas shopping we all complain about but love to do. The realization some prices do come down, if only for a few days for the annual Christmas sales. Political correctness has lost out and left, allowing us to have a Merry Christmas and Christmas sales rather than happy holidays and winter sales.

Big Hollywood movie blockbusters, White Christmas, the song and movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, Lemon Drop Kid, A Christmas Carol and Christmas song albums by Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Harry Connick, Jr., Perry Como, Sammy Davis, Jr., The Country Choir and Bing Crosby.

Food, exchanging gifts, food, cookies, fudge, beautifully shaped cookies, divinity, Christmas trees and the fun in decorating them. Christmas Turkey, Christmas Ham, Christmas Goose mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pies, cranberries, shrimp, homemade rye bread, any homemade bread, anything homemade except fruitcake.

Getting together with your mom and sister to make Christmas treats, and abiding by the rule you will only eat the burnt and broken ones. Intentionally burning or breaking a few baked goodies so you don’t break your agreement to only eat the burnt or broken ones.

Snow when you have nothing to do or anywhere to go. Sledding, skiing and snowboarding. Bundling up the kids, the first thirty times any way. Going to the closet, once you figure out which closet is the right one and picking out the right scarf and gloves to wear. Seeing if last year’s winter coat still fits, half hoping it doesn’t so you have to buy a new one.

Making out a Christmas list for the relatives, hoping they would just give you cash. Lying to your friends and relatives by telling them “Same size as last year”, figuring you’ll lose a few pounds to make it fit. Smiling broadly when a favorite relative shows up. Saying the prayer before the meal and not having to say how much you miss someone. Thanking God for every one’s good health.

Sneaking a piece of turkey before it is served while the designated carver carves. The delicious smells filling the house. Kickoff. Halftime. Game two. A turkey sandwich on plain white bread with Miracle Whip and lettuce; not cut in two. Pie. Cake. More cookies. The ability to take a nap whenever you want to, just because you can. It is nice to have the Friday after Thanksgiving off from work with no real plans. More football. Not being at the airport to deal with people that do not want to search you any more than you want to be searched.

It is great and a gift to be an American at one of the most American times of the year.

Have a wonderful Christmas season. Wait until you read tomorrow’s muse.

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